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Winter Recipe – Citrus and Root Vegetable Salad

Get the best of both worlds in this dish, including both the light, tangy flavor of winter citrus fruit along with the earthy comfort of root vegetables.

Found in out local news, this recipe makes my mouth water and is a great way to liven up two old standbys. Instead of an “either or” mentality […]

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Fruity Tuesday – 10 Uses for Citrus this Winter

‘Tis the season for citrus! How lucky that we get a little splash of sweet, tangy sunshine even in the winter months.

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes need a little help getting through one of those five-pound boxes of clementines or mesh bags of lemons and limes, so I’ve gotten pretty creative […]

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What We Love Wednesday – SoupBoxLove

What we love: conscientious companies.
Veggie-Go’s may focus on environmental sustainability and health, but we still feel strongly about social problems and look for ways to support them. This month, we’re partnering with an awesome local organization in our hometown of Boulder, CO. Soup Box Love is a hunger advocacy organization that doesn’t just preach […]

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4 Easy Ways to Eat More Veggies

Kids aren’t the only ones turning up their noses at vegetables, sometimes even we wise, old adults find them to be pretty unappealing. I’ve known vegetarians who refused this stuff; I had a great uncle who didn’t eat anything green his whole life; and I’ve met way too many people who positively insist on having meat at every […]

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Which Veggie Are You?

Take our personality quiz to find out which vegetable you would be! Have fun sharing with your kids and talking about #veggies!

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Veggie-Go’s Make Office Snacking Healthy

New Years Resolution: Eat more vegetables
We can make this easy. Veggie-Go’s are so convenient because they fit almost anywhere, last for months, and actually taste good, so you don’ feel like you’re missing out when you eat one.

This year, instead of relying on the vending machine for a quick fix of sugar and salt, […]

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Make Your New Year’s Resolution Easier – #nodramaveggies

It’s time to start fresh for 2016! We all sink into bad habits, and the new year is when we can focus in on what to fix and dedicate some energy to making positive changes.

What are you hoping to improve this year? Trying to lose a few pounds? Working to avoid needless sugar intake?

Veggie-Go’s […]