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A Mother’s Advice on Veggies

What is it about vegetables that make them so formidable to children? Picky eaters can spot a broccoli flouret a mile away, so parents have had to devise clever plans to maximize kids’ nutritional intake.

We turned to local Wonder Mom, Diane, who has her hands full with her two and a half year old […]

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Veggie-Go’s Supports Whole Planet

Whole Planet is a non-profit started by Whole Foods Market that works to alleviate poverty worldwide through micro-financing. Veggie-Go’s is a proud contributor to WFM fundraisers for Whole Planet, donating our product to the awesome Mystery Bags that customers like you can purchase to make a donation to the cause.

Whole Planet acknowledges the value of […]

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Spring Break Traveling with Veggie-Go’s

‘Tis the season for Spring Break! The scent of flowers budding and green grass sprouting is enough to get anyone excited to get OUT! Whether you’re roadtripping, flying, or stay-cationing to enjoy some local beauty, Veggie-Go’s are the ideal snack for anyone at any age.
Road trip

I don’t know about  you, but for me a […]

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National Nutrition Month – Let’s Talk About Nutrition

March is National Nutrition Month, aka Veggie-Go’s favorite month of the year.

Let’s celebrate by talking about something that often gets forgotten in the realm of nutrition
There is no one size fits all diet!
Remember when every packaged food item touted its “low fat” content? And then when the fad was “low carb”? Now you can […]