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Remember in January when we encouraged everyone to step up to the challenge of eating more veggies in the new year?

We’ve been adding to our #NoDramaVeggies Pinterest board all year. Check out some of the easy, tasty, and creative ways to get more vegetables into your daily meals!

Wanna try Grilled Zucchini and Corn Tostadas? […]

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What Does the Veggie-Go’s Brand Mean?

Veggie-Go’s were started by John and Lisa after a year of experiencing deep connections with their food, as they traveled and farmed in Europe, eating what they had planted and harvested themselves. They founded the Naked Edge to reflect their passion for “wholesomely exposed” snacks…that is, they wanted food that was simple, pure, and […]

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Send Kids to Camp with a Healthy Snack

Summer is upon us. To some that might mean schools out, time to relax! But many mothers know that it really means the kids are off to day camps or sports sessions every day of the week. It’s important to stock their pockets and packs with a healthy snack that will boost their energy so they […]