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Veggies Go Green

Veggie-Go’s love the earth. Was that not obvious from our organic ingredients and lack of agricultural menaces like corn or soy fillers and sweeteners? Well, believe us, it’s true! Here’s a few more ways we love the earth:

Ever ordered Veggie-Go’s online and wondered why the box was a little beat up, or […]

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4 Cocktails that Should Count as a Serving of Vegetables

When it’s this hot outside, it’s hard to want to get anything done. Doesn’t a cool drink on the back porch sound better than pulling weeds this weekend?

Since veggies are always on the mind here at Veggie-Go’s, even our relaxation daydreams involve fresh vegetable cocktails. Here’s a few adult-friendly recipes that we’ve tried that […]

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Start Your Day with Sunshine

Sunlight is the source of all energy on Earth, and if that’s not enough, its a very beneficial way to start your day! This morning I sat outside with a strawberry banana smoothie soaking up the rays

Here’s a few reasons why you should spend a few minutes outside every morning:

1. Sunlight is good for […]

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