• Stuff your Stockings

Stuff Your Stockings with Veggie-Go’s

Veggie-Go’s make an ideal treat for Christmas morning among the sugary baked goods and festive candies. Feel good about putting a half serving of fruit and veggies into your kids’ stockings! They love the fruity, chewy strips – and you love the Non-GMO, organic, and simple ingredients.

Purchase online and buy a whole box, or […]

  • Veggie-Go's thank you veggie-go's thank you

We’re Thankful for our Veggie-Go’s Fans!

Here’s a shout out to all our awesome, loyal customers! Whether you’ve stuck with us from the beginning at the Boulder Farmers Market or you found us in your local store and fell in love, we are so appreciative that you  support us! Veggie-Go’s is always trying to make nutrition more available in a […]

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4 Holiday Recipes with Extra Veggies

Thanksgiving is almost here! Healthy eating might be slipping further and further to the back of your mind as you day dream about pumpkin pie and green bean casserole, but try these simple additions to recipes to amp up their nutrition and veggie-level!
1. Mashed potatoes

2. Stuffing

3. Sweet Potatoes

4. Gravy

  • 6 Reasons to Choose Organic 6 Reasons to Choose Organic

6 Reasons to Choose Organic

Veggie-Go’s have always been made with 100% organic ingredients. In fact, there wouldn’t be a Veggie-Go’s if it weren’t for founders John and Lisa’s passion for wholesome, organic produce. So why exactly does organic matter? Here’s 6 reasons that might inspire you to buy organic!
1. Organic helps you avoid chemicals

Conventional plant farming uses pesticides and […]

  • Tea and lemon detox

3 Ways to Detox after Halloween

Even for those of us who made an effort to keep Halloween healthy last night, there’s still a chance we could use a fresh start. Here’s some ideas to implement this month that will help you detoxify and feel healthier.

Drink Dandelion tea. The compounds in dandelions help your liver to process toxins faster by serving […]