1.It’s finally time for the kids to head back to school after spending some fun family time together over the holidays! Keep them on track for an awesome year by following some of these simple tips for healthy back-to-school habits.Turn snacking into a game! After school snacks are an essential part of most children’s day, so making healthy choices can mean better habits in the long run. Provide two or three small snacks and have the kids pretend to judge them like a cooking show – which one is their favorite and why?  Don’t worry about preparing over-the-top options, try one fruit, one veggie, and one healthy grain, or get creative and make elaborate creations!

2.Make your kids’ snacks the coolest in the class! A little extra flare to a brown bag lunch can make your children that much more excited to eat their healthy fruits and vegetables. For example, cut veggies into fun shapes rather than just regular bite size pieces, or provide dipping sauces like nut butter and low-fat dressing to make eating more of an event.

3.If you’re running low on lunch-packing time in the morning, grab a Veggie-Go’s strip and you’ll still be packing a FULL serving of fruits and vegetables! With no added sugar and 100% organic and non-GMO ingredients, our simple fruit and veggie products are the perfect addition to any sack lunch.


With these simple ideas you could start creating healthy habits that will last a lifetime, and that kids will appreciate now too!