6 Reasons to Choose Organic

Veggie-Go’s have always been made with 100% organic ingredients. In fact, there wouldn’t be a Veggie-Go’s if it weren’t for founders John and Lisa’s passion for wholesome, organic produce. So why exactly does organic matter? Here’s 6 reasons that might inspire you to buy organic!
1. Organic helps you avoid chemicals

Conventional plant farming uses pesticides and herbicides to manipulate the yield of crops, and conventional animal products are typically full of antibiotics and growth hormones that have various affects on the people who end up consuming them.
2. Organic means GMO free

There’s a lot to say about GMOs and not a lot of good research to back up most claims. If avoiding GMOs is important to you, eating organic is one of the easiest ways to knowingly do so, since GMOs aren’t required to be labeled in the United States. Even if it’s not your top health priority to avoid them, GMOs also have a major effect on agriculture which can lead to soil and nutrient degradation for future generations.
3. Buying organic helps support farmers

Federal subsidies to conventional farming cut the cost for consumers quite a bit, but they also force farmers to meet increasingly impractical production levels, leading them to pile on more chemicals to ensure bigger crops. By supporting non-conventional farming, you support those farmers who are doing their best to stay away from those unfortunate alternatives.
4. Organic farming preserves ecosystems

It’s no secret that conventional farming techniques take little consideration of the future health of the land. A typical commercial farm will be simultaneously pumping toxins in and pulling nutrients out of a plot of land until it’s not good for much of anything anymore. Organic farmers are forced to be conscious of the health of the soil because they can’t rely on other chemical sources to help their plants grow, so they are sure to replenish nutrients for the future.
5.Spending on organic helps organic growth

Putting our money into things that matter to us often leads to changes in the market that benefits us. If we decide that organic is important, for whatever personal reason, and start purchasing with that in mind, we’ll likely start to see more providers that have those same values.
6. Organic tastes better!

Regardless of personal philosophies and values that influence why organic might be important to us, there’s always one reason that’s just looming over all of us. Organic tastes better!