Get the kids involved in gift wrapping for this holiday season, and simultaneously spark a positive relationship with their vegetables!

You can use celery to make roses!


These beautiful flowers were created by Dianne Faw

And carve potatoes and apples for specific designs


Head over to LinoCut Boy for more of these!

And use chopped vegetables for small designs!


Check out A Subtle Revelry to read more about these!

There are several great reasons to make wrapping paper like this with your kids. First, it’s a fun holiday craft that doesn’t involve frosting cookies or gluing gumdrops onto gingerbread houses with sugary icing. Make sure to have a few non-paint covered veggies for snacking as you go! Second, it’s totally compostable and recyclable! Third, it adds an extra special touch to gifts that are going to friends and family, and will create lasting memories for the kids that involve enjoying their healthy fruits and veggies!