Veggie-Go’s are a healthy snack for everyone!

Here at Veggie-Go’s we believe in healthy snacking!  Rather than cutting out your snacking, we feel it is more constructive to use your snacking as a means of improving your health.  By choosing Veggie-Go’s for your snack you are adding important vitamins and minerals into your day, all in less than 30 calories and no added sugar!

  • No Added Sugar! – We don’t add any sweeteners at all!  We feel that whole fruits and veggies have the perfect amount of natural sugar.  Each strip only has 2-4 grams of sugar, all naturally occurring in the fruits and veggies. Unlike most conventional fruit strips, we do not use any fruit concentrates for added sweetness (these pack in a lot of sugar!).
  • Organic – Veggie-Go’s are made from only organic fruits and veggies.  By only using organic fruits and vegetables we insure that no unwanted pesticides or toxic chemicals are sneaking into your body.  When things are dried (like Veggie-Go’s and all fruit strips are), everything in them is concentrated.  This includes any pesticides or chemicals.  This means that choosing organic is even more important with dried snacks.  Another benefit is that organic produce has to use and continually develop its own natural disease defenders (antioxidants) rather than suppressing them when they are protected by pesticides in conventional practices.
  • Veggie-Go’s are 100% natural. Nothing funny here. We are not “tricking” your body! If it smells like cinnamon, its cinnamon. If it tastes like berries, its berries. Imagine that!
  • Whole Foods – Veggie-Go’s are made from whole fruits and whole veggies. We puree the whole fruit or veggie so that you are getting all of the goodness nature has to offer.
  • A truly healthy snack for kids! – Kid’s snacks tend to be loaded with sugar, artificial flavorings and colors.  Not Veggie-Go’s!  Veggie-Go’s have less than 4g of sugar, all from the fruits and veggies themselves, and never artificial colors or flavors.  We think organic fruits and veggies are plenty colorful and flavorful!
  • Made by picky eaters for picky eaters! – We are such picky eaters that our friends hate eating out with us.  They call it picky, we call it passion.  Either way we embrace our pickyness and passion for clean eating when selecting ingredients for Veggie-Go’s.  That’s why you will find nothing but organic fruits and veggies inside!  We challenge anyone to dissect our ingredients becasue we know they will please even the most stringent critic.
  • Clean Ingredients – Organic veggies.  Organic fruits.  Period.  It doesn’t get much cleaner than that!


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