Veggie-Go’s are growing fast.  Really fast.  At this time last year you could find Veggie-Go’s in about 100 stores, mostly in the Colorado and Rocky Mountain Regions.  Today, Veggie-Go’s are in over 1500 stores, including Whole Foods Market nation wide (except Florida, which we are working on).  As such we thought it was time for a new, more professional website.  The only problem is that we have a strong can-do attitude, and rather than hiring a professional decided to build it ourselves (we do this with most things.)  It usually works out and we usually learn a ton in the process.  Occasionally it comes back to bite us.  In an effort to keep that from happening this time, we would love any and all feed back, constructive or otherwise.

One part of the new (hopefully improved) website will be this blog.  We have been told that, despite our own assumptions, people do want to hear about what it is like running a young, fast growing company.  We intend to blog about our daily battle running a natural foods company, food we like, things that inspire us and life in beautiful Boulder, CO.  If anyone has anything they would like to know about, just tell us and we will do our best to fill you in!

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