Ever find yourself rushing out the door with 3 hungry kiddos? You’re not alone.

Eating on the go is one of my most common pass times, not necessarily because I love it, but just because it happens. I eat breakfast in the car or hurriedly scoop my oatmeal into a Tupperware to eat at my desk; I have mostly empty bags of nuts and snacks in every pocket of every bag I own; and I haven’t had time to eat a full, sit-down dinner all week.

Veggie-Go's in tote

My work tote is a bit if a mess, but I always have some snacks, and especially Veggie-Go’s

Most people let eating become a low priority because it’s easy enough to find something while you’re on the move. Unfortunately most of those to-go foods aren’t all that good for you. Veggie-Go’s are a great exception to this rule, because they’re made of nothing but whole fruits and veggies, so you get all the convenience of a bottom-of-the-purse snack, and all the nutrition of a healthy, made at home snack.

But! The question remains: what other on-the go snacks can you grab for healthy, vegetable-y, goodness? Here’s a compilation of several snacks that fit the bill:

 1. DIY “Go Gurt” with hidden veggies


These on the go yogurts are totally customization, you can create flavors you think you and your family will love, or you can experiment with what you have on hand! We recommend berries and spinach, a classic crowd pleaser.

2. Veggie Gummies (our own recipe!)

FullSizeRender (3)

Made from Veggie-Go’s, these gummies have the same nutrients and flavors as our fruit and veggies strips, in yet another fun and convenient format.

3. Root veggie chips

root veggies for chips

Root veggie chips are SO GOOD! You don’t even need a dehydrator like some veggie chips require. There are also some pretty tasty brands out there bakin’ up veggie chips, so there’s no excuse for avoiding your veggies now!

4. Sweet Potato Chocolate Pudding

sweet potato choco pudding

Who doesn’t love pudding cups? Make your own and incorporate sweet potatoes to boost the nutrition, and you’ve suddenly got a snack that will make the kids smile and Mom pleased.