The USDA’s MyPlate system of choosing healthy foods has been a big game-changer for nutritionists – people can finally customize and understand their ideal daily diet! But just because we know what we should be eating doesn’t make it any easier. Depending on a few factors, the daily recommended intake of vegetables is from 1 to 3 cups, which can feel almost impossible after you’ve struggled to feed your kids a handful of baby carrots without them throwing a fit.

vegetable table


So HOW are you to reach these goals? Here’s 3 tips to get more vegetables in every day.


2Eat veggies in 3 different ways every day! SIP a berries and greens smoothie in the morning, SLURP a veggie-heavy soup for lunch, and CRUNCH a crispy green and rainbow salad with dinner. Making each vegetable experience different for you and your family makes eating them more interesting and exciting. You can even make a game of it and ask kids for their ideas of different ways to consume veggies.






vegetable listBuy a variety of veggies every week, and make a plan for each of them at the beginning of the week. If you know you have a crisper full of greens and produce that won’t last forever, you’ll be motivated to take advantage of them before they go to waste. Do simple prep when you get home from the grocery store – like putting snack sized amounts into individual containers, or breaking up broccoli florets so roasting them is that much simpler. Many people avoid prepping to keep their produce fresh longer, but if you know it’s already cut and ready to go you can use it right away!





burger and greensAdd more veggies to what you love. We all have our cravings – a beefy burger or fried egg roll, and some days you just don’t have the time or energy to cook well thought out and healthy meals. So let your family indulge in take-out or their favorite sit down restaurant. But! Order the veggie-lovers pizza, the vegetable spring roll, the chef’s special seasonal burger with jicama and raddishes! Even when you’re letting loose you can still feel good about what you and your family are eating.






With these simple ideas for eating more vegetables, you should be reaching your recommended servings in no time – keep Veggie-Go’s in your pantry for an even easier serving of fruit and veggies and you’re guaranteed to LOVE your veggies!